Beelink U59 Mini-PC

Beelink Mini-PC Problems

Update: Beelink addressed my problem with the Solid State Drive (SSD), and promptly sent a new replacement. The system works quite well now! Thank you Beelink!

I had not purchased any PC hardware in years, so I took my friend’s advice and tried out the Beelink Mini-S. It was pleasant; equipped with Windows 11 Pro and setting it up was easy. Unfortunately, a mysterious, rattling noise emanated from the device when I moved it, so I returned it and opted for the Beelink U-59.

U-59 setup proved troublesome. Windows 11 updates caused audio device to cease functioning on multiple occasions; I had to reinstall Windows 11 multiple times to address the issue. Before investing in Beelink products, I suggest consulting the relevant forum thread where I sought assistance.

Most recently, I’ve encountered another issue with the U-59. The SSD is apparently faulty. I contacted Beelink support but haven’t heard back yet. 

Beelink U-59

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