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BurnRight! CD & DVD – Best I found for FREE!

According to Avast! Home (an anti-virus software for Windows), the installation file is contaminated with Adware. I no longer necessarily recommend this software. I will, however, leave the article intact.

BurnRight CD & DVD Burn audio, video and data CDs and DVDs from different file types

Of a handful of “FREE” DVD Burning Software titles i’ve downloaded this evening in an effort to get a rather lame DVD Burner to write a DVD (about 3.5 gigs of data i wanted to archive… mostly HTML, PHP, CFML, and a ton of photoshop and image documents), the only software which pulled data project together and wrote it to the DVD in an amount of time which took approx less than 5 mins per action– meaning– loading the 3.5 gigs of data, reading it, spinning up the blank media, etc.– i was ready to give up on this DVD+/-R drive altogether, but i gave BurnRIght the final chance, and amazingly, it performed fast enough that i was willing to sit through the roughly 30 min process to see if it would actually burn it from start to finish. Behold, a freshly burned Data DVD archive of my entire Apache “localhost” htdocs!!

Have you got a problematic DVD burner? Given up on Deep Burner, or even Nero? Before you throw it in the trash, try BurnRIght! CD & DVD for windows 98, XP, and more.

[by the way…]
note: this is not intended to be a review of the quality or ease of use of these burning softwares for any other purpose than the actual writing process. I can not provide an account of the features for menus or encoding mpeg’s, or converting AVI’s, etc., etc.. I realize that there are many who are in search of the perfect freeware which is an all in one DVD Video encoder, Burner– the whole nine yards (as is Nero Vision Express, for example). If you’re looking for a review of those free software products, i recommend looking at — and good luck!). but if burning is all you want– hook it up and burn it down with BurnRight! CD & DVD for Windows

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