PHP5 as a CGI binary

Unable to install PHP5 and Apache on one of my Windows boxes (for reasons i have yet to realize) i decided to go w/ PHP5 on IIS (my first real use of IIS for development). First off, i’d like to say that i ‘hate’ IIS as compared to Apache2. It’s just not friendly, but then again– what Windows component / Microsoft product is very easy to manipulate into what one wants? However, at the same time, i can’t complain 100% because at least i’ve got a development server running on that HDD, and the real bonus is that i also have a ColdFusion Development (built-in) Server running there, and ASP and PHP are peacefully coexisting on IIS– albeit, not the ISAPI version of PHP, but the CGI binary.

I have already experiened drawbacks to the CGI binary. In particular, one of the $_SERVER elements, normally present on Apache, is undefined under this environment– this potentially useful element of an extraordinarily useful PHP “Predefined Variable” $_SERVER[‘REQUEST_URI’], an element which might have solved a PHP include() “header(Location:)” issue.

it’s not worth much more commentary. the bottom line here is, if at all possible, install PHP on Apache. If problems arise, be patient, and locate and resolve the source of the problem. Research how to make PHP and Apache run peacefully with COldFusion Development Server and IIS w/ ASP. To reiterate, the only positive i’ve recognized was that the CGI binary seems to be a more “idiot-proof” PHP installation, as it took little effort to get it to work w/ IIS (and ASP) and ColdFusion. So, i’m currently seeking a better solution for developing in those aforementioned environments while on the same operating system.

Indeed, i believe it is time to setup a Linux box!!

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