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As far as i’m concerned, the point behind is to maintain a meaningful collection of tagged bookmarks– bookmarks which you’ve saved for a reason: the content is important to you. Saving a bookmark in is a somewhat time consuming process, however it is time well invested if you are able to get a return on that investment some time in the future.

Be Careful not to Sour your Investment

I have found that the key to efficiency, and maintaining the quality return on the time invested in saving bookmarks is to ensure that the right tags are used for an item. Don’t use too many tags. Use a few tags that you KNOW you will remember when trying to find the desired resource in the future, and be done with it.

It may take some practice. You may find that you’re not using enough tags in which case it’s easy to add to your collection at any time.

IMHO, I perceive it as being a little more tedious to remove tags if you’ve been over zealous in the beginning, than to add tags to items once you return to them, cashing in on that time invested when you originally saved the item.

a feast of efficient findings

dial in your own best use of and you’ll find that you’ll be contented by ease of location, and ease of saving as well.

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