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How does the other half live?

I’m not one who typically cares anything about whether Macromedia Flash is or is not used in a web site. As someone who desires a comprehensive know-how, and wherewithal in terms of internet and web design and development technology, i’m not proud to say that I don’t know the details about what’s coming out of the world of Flash Web Design (but i did write an ariticle about an article about an exemplary Flash Website here — or just go straight to the the “Shred Show”, an Award Winning, Edu-tainment Flash Web Site), Flash Animation, advancements in Flash technology, etc., although I understand that Action Script is itself a very powerful, truly good scripting language, i’m not knowledgeable enough on the subject to make any claims yet. i just spent some time researching a thread over at — all the particulars there being irrelevant other than i was searching for a fellow who taught me what i know of Action Script, so i’m waiting for a reply, and i’ll come back and edit once i hear from him. I should emphasize that i do feel strongly that any and every public web site should validate, and should recognize the possible need for specialized presentation so that those with disabilities might also view, experience, and enjoy the content therein– if that presentation means to be sans-Flash, then by all means it should be there. However, there are unique situations, of course, in which it wouldn’t make much sense to have a web site content available in text and audible, or other alternative means of presentation– such as visual only sites of a specialized nature. but, i didn’t write this to debate about the ethics of accessibility.

anyway– this is just for entertainment. however, i find it to be quite inspirational. inpirational on one hand because i’m an aspiring application developer, web design artist, etc., and on the other hand because i’ve been a guitar instructor since 1989… i don’t have enough fingers to count that, so i’ll let you figure out how many years that would be. albeit, i was pretty young back in ’89, i was working in a music store as one of (if not the only) guitar instructor there. indeed, it was a strange era in music– recall, it was pre-nirvana breakout, which means music didn’t really know where it was headed– so, the stuff that was getting recognition was stuff where there was some virtuoso guitarist, or a vocalist who could sing like a jackell or some crazy thing, and guns n roses were the hugest thing on the planet, and every guitarist, myself included, wanted to be a “Shredder!” meaning, one who can play the hell out of the notes up and down the neck of the guitar. blah, blah– the point is that what you’ll see at this link, should you choose to follow it, is something that anyone from my generation of guitarists will get a reall kick out of it. no one really plays guitar like this anymore– i’m sure there are “enthusiasts” which do, and you’ve got your maniacs everywhere you go– but don’t mistake it for something that i consider to be “good music”– it’s all smoke and mirrors– just some guy playing very basic 16th note sequenced patterns (i’m expecting you to know something music there, aren’t i!?), but he does certainly have a mastery of that technique, and he could probably fill in for Steve Vai if Vai ever needed it– i mean this guy had TOTALLY ripped off steve vai… except vai actually has feel to his playing– well… sometimes… hee hee

check it out. it’s AMAZING Flash Animation, and i enjoy the guitar B.S.

you can go straight to the external links if you want when you get here, but i’m sending you to the article i wrote when i first discovered this “Mr Fastfinger” in case you’d like to read it– i found it to be amusing now, in retrospect.
here, check ’em out! give it a chance, and play w/ the mouse thing once it loads up– it’s great 15 mins worth of fun!! (probably took the guy 15 weeks to put together or more!)

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