Internet Streaming Radio
for Media Player Classic

NOTE: Added Winamp Playlists to the zip file

i’ve collected a list of high-quality (meaning, fairly high-bandwidth / high bitrate — however you wish to classify it…) streaming internet radio. Just click here and download the .zip file which contains a simple text file (i used the .ini extension to help you recognize the proper file in your MPC directory under Program Files… because you add my data to your MediaPlayer .ini file. UPDATE: also added .pls and .m3u files, but those are for Winamp, NOT MediaPlayer Classic!!).

Once you find the .ini file, simply open it in a text editor, highlight and copy the entire contents from my file and paste it into your mplayer.ini file which should be in your Program Files folder under Media Player Classic.

Further instructions are included in the file. If you have any problems, please feel free to contact me by: guitar at whatsonyourbrain dotCom — get it? got it? good!

right click, and select SAVE AS.
the zip file is named: it includes a README.txt and also now .PLS and .M3U style lists of the same streams for use in WinAmp and other media players.


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