vinyl records discs and three cassette tapes

Lost Treasure: Found! (entertainment)

(or …This Old.. Media Player???)

the M-Play Man A-B Repeat Media Player

Back in my previous life as a musician, I used to do a lot of transcriptions of contemporary rock music for guitar (ie. i’d learn songs for for teaching to kids who were my students at the time, and for performing with my band sona (disbanded, obviously)). This little program, not even 5MB in size was a the coolest little thing because it’s capable of looping a section of the mp3 over and over and over again– which for a musician is incrdibly convenient for more easily matching pitch of the tones, determining chord inversions, and in general, rockin’ out. I used to host this file as a tool for my students, but since that web site is no longer on-line, neither was this file. Out-of the blue recently, a gentleman somehow discovered that i might have this file, and disappointed to tell him at the time that i couldn’t locate it, i’m delighted to say that i’ve found it and made it available again. you can get it by clicking here.

If by slim chance that the original author of the app is displeased that i’ve made it available again, i urge that he contact me and i’ll accomodate immediately. From what i can tell, the author simply abandonded the project to pursue Academics and never returning to this, it merely faded into oblivion.

For all of you musicians, students, and bedside bards alike– i hope you enjoy what i always simply called the “A-B Repeat Mp3 player”. enjoy!

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