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  • Recognize Design Patterns in Math

    Recognize Design Patterns in Math

    It makes sense that a pattern will appear. Throughout nature we have patterns. It comes down to math. Axis, divisions, and denominators. Multiplied. Working with an object in Inkscape, I was playing around the stroke appearance. One of the Scalable Vector Graphic (SVG) Object properties is the order of appearance of stroke, relative to markers…

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  • The Joy of Painting

    The Joy of Painting

    I thought CSS was supposed to make global site style editing easy. I can’t change one class to get ride of that overlay? Nope. Oh, I know. I’m doing it incorrectly. I’ll learn some day. What a pain in the ass. I guess it comes down to this. What a casual user such as myself…

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    Create Icon-Size Images. Export .ICO Format.

    [ note: the following article is incomplete ]Intended Audience: Note: Experience, though indicated above to describe a recommended audience, must not be misunderstood to imply an exclusive purpose for the resource. The classification is provided to express the author’s expectation regarding what the article has to offer, in very general terms, to give readers an…

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