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  • SQL: select into

    SQL: select into

    SELECT INTO is a handy feature if you need to move (or copy, specifically in this example) data from one table to another. This brief article means to illustrate how the same Database storage result can be achieved using multiple approaches. Consider the following SQL INSERT statement, which puts data into TABLE 2 by first…

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  • WordPress FSE post_type Content Types

    WordPress FSE post_type Content Types

    If you’re working with WordPress Full Site Editing (FSE), you’ll eventually discover that much of the magic is stored in the wp_post table of the database. Identify what is stored in the table relevant to FSE by the value of the post_type column. Use the following SQL to return a list of the unique post_type…

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  • MySQL SET Data Type

    MySQL SET Data Type

    The following is an excerpt from an article i have referenced numerous times myself from the original source at MySQL : AB (the official MySQL developer zone, located at http://dev.mysql.com/tech-resources/articles/). The SET datatype is kind of like an ENUM, except there’s an option to pick groups of items as a reply, instead of only one…

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