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Monitor Values Assigned to PHP Local Scope Variables and GLOBALS by Step Debugging with XDebug in TSW phpCoder 2008

Tanggaard Software, otherwise known as TSW, or tsware.net, has announced the forthcoming release of phpCoder 2008

Forthcoming PHP IDE: TSW phpCoder 2008

According to Tanggaard Software‘s Kasper Tanggaard:

…[phpCoder 2008] will come with a nice set of features … based around writing PHP code. … You will see [elements familiar from] WebCoder [the TSW web development IDE flagship], but phpCoder will be lighter, and almost every feature will be PHP related in one way or another. … PHP developers will write HTML too and even CSS … phpCoder will of course help with this, just like it helps you write PHP code. phpCoder brings … real debugging and profiling, PHP Tidy and live syntax check among the interesting additions…

 – Kasper Tanggaard, Owner and Lead Developer : TSW Software

Having developed the majority of my own, existing web applications with TSW’s legacy Webcoder 2005, I am eager to get my hands on the first beta, or test-release of TSW phpCoder 2008. For those of you who are looking for a new PHP IDE, I recommend you keep a lookout for phpCoder 2008 at tsware.net, and get involved in the beta testing because, historically, Tanggaard developers tend to listen closely to the feedback provided by beta-testers. This is your chance to encourage a superior development team to consider implementing your own special requests!

In the meantime, check out the other TSW titles:

  • Webcoder 2007 : a full-featured Web Development IDE, including an integrated, real-time MySQL GUI
  • WebPad.NET : a lightweight Web IDE
  • SiteSync : FTP Client designed to synchronize local and remote sites, includes added benefit of a powerful built-in text editor, and side-by-side file comparison (diff) utility for detecting file differences– a luxury for version control management.

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