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CSS Optimizer (CSSO): Eliminate the Redundant

CSS-Wow! You wouldn’t believe how long I’ve been looking for this very tool. It’s just so super cool, I love it. I’m going to go through all of my CSS files and process them through CSSO, the CSS Optimizer!

Do you suffer from redundant CSS? Do you have unused CSS Selectors and duplicate CSS declaration blocks? Having trouble getting SASS with a limp CSS file? Don’t live like that!

The CSS Optimizer slices! It dices! It’ll cut a tin-can in half and still go through a soft tomato like a hot knife through butter. You ain’t seen nothing like it!

Don’t take my word for it, try it for yourself at GitHub. Call in the next 15 minutes, and they’ll even throw in a VS Code extension at no additional charge. Git rid of unused CSS now, before it’s too late!†

You won’t believe your eyes. And trust me, guys. She’ll like it too.

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