WordPress Bloggers – Do You Know a Flockin' Thing?

Anyone using a WordPress Blog (and also some other Blog software, including [at least the old version of] Blogger) should download, install, and try the FREE web browser, Flock.

Flock allows for authoring new Blog entries very, very easily. Flock, by default, has a clickable ” Blog ” toolbar icon (simply right-click on the toolbar, select customize, and drag-n-drop the “Blog” icon to a blank toolbar space of your preference). Click the icon and a window pops up in the foreground, much like an e-mail composition window.

This is a convenience because it eliminates the need to browse to your Blog URL. It doesn’t matter what your browser is currently viewing– all you need to do is click the icon, write the post, click Publish in the Flock Blog Post window, and wha-lah! — you’re all set– then go back to whatever it was you were doing when which gave you the inspiration to author the post in the first place.

For me, this technique has an added bonus. Anytime I visit my Web Log, http://WordpressCenter.net, 99% of the time I become distracted and start playing with the CSS, revising my crummy posts, grammar, spelling, or some sort of activity which ultimately distracts me from what it was that i was working on when I decided to create the post in the first place. With the Flock Blog Post window, I can author my text, post it, and be done– no possibility of distraction means no distraction at all. Free to blog, baby! ADD and OCD sufferers rejoice!

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